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Brand & People Analytics

Companies increasingly need to take care of their intangible assets, such as brand and reputation

And it is important to demonstrate mathematically the relationship that exists between the main intangible assets of companies and their business performance. That is, to be able to state that when brand and reputation improve, business improves (and vice versa). And, at the same time, activate a virtuous path that optimizes the funnel that leads to the generation of business: what companies do and communicate creates perceptions and attitudes (measured with intangible metrics), which finally turn into behaviors (purchase of a product or contracting a service).


Brand & People Analytics


Conento, thanks to years of academic and business research, has developed different metrics of its own - among them the Triple E and the BrandPulse - that allow monitoring brand health status through the analysis of different data sources (surveys, social networks, media content, etc.). The objective is to offer diagnostic and predictive metrics allowing management of the intangible assets and early identification of possible risks that may affect the brand and reputation.

Added value


We use structural equation models (SEM) to measure in the most precise way the dimensions affecting the brand and its direct and indirect relationships with them. In the online environment we work with natural language processing algorithms (NPL) that allow us to categorize and analyze sentiment expressed in millions of data almost in real time.


We develop dashboards, that is, simple and intuitive applications allowing our clients to measure the pulse of their intangible metrics and their business, acquire new learnings and take the most appropriate decisions.


We have been collaborating for years with Corporate Excellence - Center for Reputation Leadership, the leading non-profit laboratory of ideas in Spain created to promote the professionalization and management of key intangibles, such as reputation, brand, communication, intangible metrics, and public affairs.