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Business Analytics Tree®

Digital transformation in most cases has led to a destructured reaction within companies, with the launch of a multitude of initiatives for similar studies, and the accumulation of duplicated data in different departments, without maintaining consistency between them, causing internal inefficiencies and different results . To respond to this need, Conento offers a diagnosis of the state of Analytical Health of an organization by analyzing its strategic assets in order to generate greater knowledge and offer value to all their stakeholders.


Business Analytics Tree


The Analytical Health project includes the tool Business Analytics Tree ©, which facilitates viewing of the analytical maturity status of a company in real time and the release of notifications when relevant changes occur. The use of this tool allows clients to: (1) visualize duplicate data sources in the organization, (2) identify communication paths and reports (and possible problems of access permissions to information), (3) detect inefficiencies in business processes and (4) achieve better collaboration among departments, knowledge of company systems and cost reduction.

Added value


The Business Analytics Tree © detects the analytical maturity of a company, facilitating recommendations for the development of specific analytical projects that can provide maximum value to the company.


The technological tool has the possibility of adapting to the client's environment and allows integration with the company's Single Sign On systems. Our technology can be customized, incorporating, personalised alarms that the client defines. Only when there are important things to see, does the technology call the user and show him or her what needs to be seen.


Business Analytics Tree © is part of a broader consulting proposal, focused on the diagnosis of the state of Analytical Health of an organization through the analysis of their strategic assets.