Conento solutions

Marketing Mix Modeling
The strategic approach to grow your business

With Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM) we are able to indentify and measure the impact of drivers which move the business, with a focus strongly oriented to achieve objectives such as an increase in sales, market share or media ROI.

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Multi-touch Attribution
The tactical management of your advertising campaigns

With Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA) we can see what advertising impacts, online and offline, are having an effect on the path to purchase, identifying the strategies that allow conversions to be maximized and drilling down to very detailed and internal tactical recommendations for each channel / network

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Predictive Analytics
A forward-looking vision in a Machine Learning environment

We apply predictive analytics to any type of data / context, working in Big Data environments and using the most sophisticated and advanced Machine Learning algorithms

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Brand & People Analytics
Intangibles as an engine of growth for your company

We can monitor brand health status through the analysis of different data sources. The objective is to offer diagnostic and predictive metrics allowing management of intangible values and early indentification of possible risks that may affect the brand, reputation or employee engagement.

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CRM & Recommendation Systems
The differential analytical value extracted from your databases

We analyze the information contained in the databases of our clients in order to extract maximum added value. Our goal is to transform data into value, offering customized solutions and, according to the requirements of our clients

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Business Analytics Tree®
The 360º methodology to improve the analytical health of your company

With Business Analytics Tree® we can visualize and evaluate the analytical maturity level of a company in real time, sending notifications and alarms when relevant changes occur.

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