Conento Solutions

CRM & Recommendation Systems

The databases owned by our clients (CRM, Social Networks or geolocalized data) allow us to analyze the available information and provide maximum added value

Our goal is to transform data into value, offering customized solutions and, according to the requirements of our customers.


Recommendation Systems


We develop many types of customer models churn propensity, up-selling and cross-selling, customer value, sales potential and any type of analytics applied to CRM or geolocated data. And, for all companies (not only e-commerce or digital natives), we offer personalized recommendation models, identifying the best product, content or offer for each type of customer for each moment in time and channel, increasing both conversion and average expenditure per customer. We use all available data sources: purchase history, web browsing, geomarketing data, etc., with the possibility of application both in an online (page 23b) and offline (point of sale) environment, and generation of insights in real time.

Added value


We use the most innovative techniques in the field of Machine Learning and collaborative filters for recommendation systems.


We work on these projects in Big Data environments (cloud computing, machine clusters, Data Lakes, etc.), with different options for implementing the models in the clients systems (On-Premise or in the cloud).


We offer consulting services to help clients choose the most appropriate analytical and technological solution to ensure the best result and best implementation. We are a partner of Abacus Consulting, a company specialized in Data Management and Location Intelligence.