Conento Solutions

Marketing Mix Modeling

With Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM) we are able to identify and measure the impact of the drivers affecting our clients' business. 

Our approach, which uses mathematical models and the most up-to-date statistical techniques, can be adapted to each market and brand, depending on the business objectives of each client.
With a clear objective: increasing sales (or brand strength), market share and media ROI.




MMM offers a strategic perspective, on the basis of time series, on the drivers that move the business forward in each stage of the purchase funnel (distribution, price, promotions, macroeconomic variables, seasonalities, etc.).


And we are able to isolate the contribution and ROI of both traditional and digital media (Display, SEM, Video, Social Networks, Affiliation, etc.), identifying short and long term contributions down to channel, duration and format level. And, from the advertising effectiveness curves, which detect the saturation level of the media, we can determine media mix optimization and its ideal distribution over time in order to maximize sales, revenues or profits.

Added value


We apply Machine Learning algorithms, which update the models quickly in a continuous learning process. These Artificial Intelligence algorithms are stable, detect non-linear relationships and have great explanatory and predictive power. We are an internationally certified partner of Google and Facebook for the development of MMM projects (only company in Spain).


We complement the models with a technological platform developed by Conento, which allows ROI results to be visualized in real time, simulation of scenarios and optimization of the media mix at a strategic and tactical level.


We offer our consulting services in order to implement the results, integrating the mathematical logic with the business vision for each sector.