Conento Solutions

Multi-touch Attribution

The strategic vision of MMM has to be integrated with the more tactical perspective of Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA)


With MTA we enter the digital environment and, analyzing the Customer Journey at cookie / user level, we are able to know to what extent the different channels contribute to a conversion (web visit, lead or purchase). With this approach we measure the credit of each click and - above all- of each impression, with a data driven model that analyzes the routes that convert versus those that do not convert , discarding the logic of last-click or Game Theory.




With these models we can see which impacts, online and offline, are having an effect on the purchase journey, identifying the strategies that maximize conversions and drilling down to tactical recommendations very detailed and specific to each channel (SEM by keyword, banner by network / site, creativity, size, optimal balance between Reach and Frequency, etc.). All integrated in a technological solution that allows management and optimization of a campaign in real time.

Added value


We apply Machine Learning algorithms (Random Forest or Gradient Boosted Regression), which update the real models in a continuous learning process. These Artificial Intelligence algorithms are stable, detect non-linear relationships and have great predictive power.


We complement the models with a technological platform developed by Conento, which allows ROI results to be visualized in real time, scenario simulations and optimization of the media mix at a strategic and tactical level.


We offer our consulting services to implement results, integrating the mathematical logic with the business vision for each sector. We are a partner of IPG Mediabrands, with whom we provide differentiating and definitive solutions in digital marketing: flexible, tailored and responsive to the business objectives of customers.