Conento Solutions

Predictive Analytics

Predicting future events is one of the major objectives of our customers

Conento applies predictive analytics to any type of data / context: prediction of business results, as well as financial trends, sports results, prices of real estate and raw materials, energy consumption and event attendance or traffic.


Predictive Analytics


We work in Big Data environments, using the most sophisticated and advanced Machine Learning algorithms. Our vision is flexible, selecting algorithms based on the client's needs (which may be purely predictive or combine more explanatory aspects).


Our predictive models are updated in real time, each time new data are incorporated into the Data Lake, progressively improving accuracy and allowing our clients to test new scenarios every day.

Added value


We use the most innovative techniques in the field of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (Gradient Boosting, Neural Networks, Deep Learning). Our team actively participates in predictive competitions organized by Kaggle.


We develop Forecasting tools that allow our clients to visualize the evolution of predictions in real time and to test new scenarios by activating explanatory levers.


We offer consulting services to help clients choose the predictive system which best suits them, based on available data and business needs.